COMING SOON! This classic 22x28 inch poster of Muhammad Ali at his Pennsylvania training sanctuary on the eve of the “Rumble in The Jungle” in Zaire.  Available November 1st.. Price includes shipping.




The poster’s nine images are all from my 48 hours with Ali as he prepared himself physically and spiritually for the World Championship Boxing title against George Foreman which had been stripped from him when he refused the draft at the height of the Vietnam War.


The poster comes with a document explaining each of the nine images: the circumstances when each was shot and how the moment fit into Ali’s imaginative formula for  success.





Director Dan Glynn's 16-minute film on my experience photographing  Ali


This hypnotic and dreamlike film reveals the preparation

for a seminal moment in cultural and political history

and is a fascinating insight into the creative process

of an American photographer of significance.


--Steve Taylor-Bryant

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  Book from Reel Art Press:

 Muhammad Ali:

 Fighter's Heaven 1974

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"What Peter did with his camera in August of 1974 lets us experience Muhammad Ali's private world in a way not seen before. It's clear from the access Peter had that Ali was interested in history and saw value in the creation of a record of his activities at the crucial moment in his life." 

                    --D A Pennebaker


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Photo: David McKeown/ Staff Photographer. Peter Angelo Simon (left) discusses his book Muhamad Ali Fighter's Heaven 1974 with the camp's current owner Mike Madden in Ali's restored gymnasium at a June 1st memorial event. honoring the second anniversary of Ali's passing. 


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