Peter's images are featured in HBO's two-part documentary series, What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali

"48 Hours with Muhammad Ali- A film by Dan Glyn"


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 Muhammad Ali:

 Fighter's Heaven 1974

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Dawn Run
Muhammad Ali at his “Fighter’s Heaven” training camp, Deer Lake, PA
Silver gelatin print, photographed August 25, 1974
Limited edition of 10
Available from the Peter Fetterman Gallery

***Featured in The Photo Review***


“There are many images of Ali. But this one is so special. It’s the perfect composition and the emotion of this great man’s dedication and passion and aspiration to win comes shining through. A true classic that inspires me every day I look at it in my office. The essence of the Power of Photography.”

                                                                          -Peter Fetterman

Photo: David McKeown/ Staff Photographer. Peter Angelo Simon (left) discusses his book Muhamad Ali Fighter's Heaven 1974 with the camp's current owner Mike Madden in Ali's restored gymnasium at a June 1st memorial event. honoring the second anniversary of Ali's passing. 


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