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Photo: Frazer Pennebaker

People with cameras lead peculiar and magical lives

--D A Pennebaker






This is Dan Glynn's 16-minute film on my experience photographing  Ali


U.S. Premier at the Monmouth (NJ) Film Festival on

Saturday, August 10th (10am-11:45)



This hypnotic and dreamlike film reveals the preparation

for a seminal moment in cultural and political history

and is a fascinating insight into the creative process

of an American photographer of significance.


--Steve Taylor-Bryant

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Dawn Run                                                                                                                                                      © Peter Angelo Simon

  Photobook from Reel Art Press:

 Muhammad Ali:

 Fighter's Heaven 1974

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Recent Press

Photo: David McKeown/ Staff Photographer. Peter Angelo Simon (left) discusses his book Muhamad Ali Fighter's Heaven 1974 with the camp's current owner Mike Madden in Ali's restored gymnasium at a June 1st memorial event. honoring the second anniversary of Ali's passing. 


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