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“People with cameras live peculiar and magical lives.” – DA Pennebaker

There is something seriously wrong with a world that does not have Muhammad Ali in it. In the late 1960’s a dance company was warming up in a theater in upstate New York. As the sound system was being tested a dancer stood on stage balanced on one leg. Suddenly he fell over. Company members rushed over to see what had happened. “I was fine until they cut...

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Entrance To Fighter’s Heaven

This is the only time I asked Ali to do anything for the camera. As we came back from his dawn run I saw the entrance to the camp for the first time, and I told Ali I’d like to get a shot of him there. Tired from the run – still without breakfast –  he posed himself as you see. It is the only picture I can recall where you see Muhammad...

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“Grab Your Pants and Your Camera…”

The knocking came at 4:30 a.m. The voice through my motel door said, “Grab your pants and your camera, the champ is running!” The sun was just breaking through the trees when I jumped out of the car and began shooting. Muhammad Ali was ahead of me jogging along the rural Pennsylvania black top, his breath visible in the early morning cold. A cow in a field...

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